Photo of Lisa Alexander

Lisa Alexander

Outreach & Special Projects Coordinator

Photo of Nickie Brown

Nickie Brown

Lead Instructor – Adult Education

Photo of Cynthia Clark

Cynthia Clark

Social Services Coordinator

Photo of Julie Cull

Julie Cull

AmeriCorps Member

Photo of Anita Edwards

Anita Edwards

Chief Operating Officer

Photo of Leah Ferrell

Leah Ferrell

AmeriCorps Member

Photo of Karen Finan

Karen Finan

Health and Financial Literacy Instructor

Photo of Gina Fish

Gina Fish

ESL Instructor

Photo of Marcus Haile

Marcus Haile

President & Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Bill Harrison

Bill Harrison

ESL Coordinator

Photo of Charise Jackson

Charise Jackson

AmeriCorps Member

Photo of Sherri Jackson

Sherri Jackson

Corrections Education Director

Photo of Jennifer Jaress

Jennifer Jaress

Instructional Coach

Photo of Chelsea Kilpatrick

Chelsea Kilpatrick

AmeriCorps Member

Photo of Elizabeth Lawrence

Elizabeth Lawrence

Student Success Director

Photo of Alianna Lewis

Alianna Lewis

Volunteer Coordinator

Photo of Gabriel Lewis

Gabriel Lewis

AmeriCorps Member

Photo of Steven Lewis

Steven Lewis

Corrections Education Instructor

Photo of Fabrice Lignabou

Fabrice Lignabou

Adult Education & Digital Literacy Instructor

Photo of Storm Linhart

Storm Linhart

AmeriCorps Member

Photo of Gracie Martin

Gracie Martin

Assessment and Intake Coordinator

Photo of Ashley Mclaughlin

Ashley Mclaughlin

Adult Education Instructor

Photo of Lisa Montgomery

Lisa Montgomery

Adult Education Instructor

Photo of Aimee Parker

Aimee Parker

Lead Instructor – ESL

Photo of Abigail Perdigon

Abigail Perdigon

ESL Instructor

Photo of James Romans

James Romans

AmeriCorps Member

Photo of Rayden The Wonderful

Rayden The Wonderful

Chief Happiness Officer

Photo of Taylor Wright

Taylor Wright

AmeriCorps Member