Monthly reports on your student’s progress are vital to monitoring student achievement and meeting our funding requirements. Tutors are asked to file a monthly progress report by the 3rd of each month. You can either download the Fillable Monthly Progress Report or you can fill out the Online Monthly Progress Report.

Please include: month and hours of preparation/homework, instruction time, and travel time for you and your student. Indicate the location, dates and times of the tutoring sessions. Let us know the Skill Book Name, Level and Pages or Lessons completed. You may also use the Other row to add any additional material or tasks you are studying. Check off any Academic, Economic, and Personal Goals achieved by the student. Add Comments or Notes as needed. This could include success stories or issues you would like to report. As needed, a staff member will reach out to assist.

We model our program after the Florida Department of Education’s Adult Education Curriculum Frameworks. Please visit their website to view up-to-date curriculum for all levels of Adult Basic Education students.  

Print Materials:

The Literacy Alliance maintains a library of instructional materials designed for various levels of  adult reading, language, and math. Volunteers are not expected to supply their own materials. We will help you select and sign out appropriately-leveled workbooks from our library.

Online Materials:

The Jacksonville Public Library Center for Adult Learning Fast Track Reading Curriculum 

Learning Upgrade is a smart phone app that includes English, math, reading, and digital literacy. Please contact our office for instructions on how your student can download and use Learning Upgrade.

 Or check out our own collection of online materials covering all topics:  Literacy Alliance Resource Site for Tutors

Goal Setting

Learning Style Inventory

News For You Online – A newspaper written for adult learners from New Reader’s Press. Paper copies are available in our office.

Phonics Instruction Overview

Language Experience Approach – This technique uses a student’s own story to connect reading and writing.

Literacy Lesson Segments

Reading Comprehension – Use Graphic Organizers to map out a reading passage.
Story map
K W L Chart
Character Details – Create a free account as a teacher and select reading passages by grade level and interest. Vocabulary and reading comprehension questions are included.

Sight Words – Practice these works and have fun finding them in the weekly lessons. You may want to have a spelling quiz each week.

Word Searches and Puzzles – Create your own word games and crossword puzzles.

Writing Skills

Flashcards  – Create your own flashcards by typing in words or numbers. Great to use for vocabulary and math.

Money Math – “Play Money” is available for check out at our office. Use these worksheets to develop money and counting skills:
Counting Coins Worksheet #1
Counting Coins Worksheet #2
Counting Coins Worksheet #3
Counting Bills and Coins Worksheet

ABE Lesson Plans – Access to free ABE lesson plans & worksheets by subject matter.

Common Core Sheets – Download free worksheets for math, social studies, science, language, writing and spelling.

If you have additional questions or need instructional ideas, please contact the volunteer coordinator.

Many adult learners struggle because of learning disabilities. Check out these resources on learning disabilities if you feel it would benefit you and your student.

Learning Disabilities Association of America provides support and resources for Adults with Learning Disabilities. It includes various learning disabilities with signs/symptoms and strategies to support student instruction.

Learning Disabilities 101 is a free eBook published by Reading Horizons.

Bright Solutions for Dyslexia offers insights and solutions for dyslexia.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dyslexia this site provides insight and answers to FAQs about dyslexia.

University of Florida Learning Institute: