Start of the Journey
It’s All About The Student.

With very unique strengths, each student describes the journey of their dreams. We then position ourselves and our volunteers to support them in reaching their goals.

Goal Setting & Planning
Each Student Plans a Path.

A learning plan is put in place to map short-and long-term objectives. This individualized plan is based on the student’s goals, like reading to their children, earning a GED, or obtaining a job.

Every Student Has a Unique Starting Point.

Formal and informal assessments help the student see their progress and help keep us accountable for meeting our promise to ensure success.

Personalized Instruction
Best Practices Rule.

Literacy research and our own experience guides instruction and the training of tutors to ensure that students receive diverse learning opportunities related to their specific goals and learning needs. One size does not fit all.

Case Management
Support Along the Journey.

We recognize the many roles each of our students have as adults. We support them uniquely with access to transportation, assistance with daily literacy tasks (reading mail, filling out forms), and providing referrals to our many community partners.

Celebrate Success
Every Step Forward Counts.

We celebrate the successes of our students and tutors, knowing that each individual has their own unique journey to take.