Many volunteers want to tutor a student one-on-one. We also have volunteer opportunities to assist in the computer lab or in a small group class or the office. We also have short-term opportunities to help with Financial Literacy, Health Literacy, English as a Second Language, and Career Development.

Volunteers who work directly with students must be 18 years or older, pass a background check and participate in literacy training. This includes tutors, computer lab assistants, and small group leaders.  More information on tutoring can be found HERE. Small group teachers preferably have prior teaching experience. These positions also require a high school diploma or equivalency.

Adult students who attend classes at the Literacy Alliance are over the age of 16, represent all races and genders, and come from all economic and social backgrounds. They may have completed high school or left before graduation, but they did not acquire the literacy and comprehension skills they need to be successful.

Literacy Alliance of Northeast Florida provides all volunteers with 10 hours of free training. Additional training and professional development opportunities are made available throughout the year at no cost to you to enrich your skills. A wide variety of teaching materials is available in our office for your use.

We suggest that a tutor meet with their adult learner at least once or twice a week for 1 – 1½ hours per session. Maintaining this time commitment is important in helping the student acquire his/her skills as quickly as possible. We ask tutors to consider making a commitment for at least 6 months.

Once you have completed your training, a Literacy Alliance staff member will either contact you as soon as we have an adult learner who matches your preferences and availability or send you a link to the Current Literacy Alliance Tutor Requests, so that you can find a student that matches your preferences and availability. Then, we help you connect with that student for your first meeting. Most tutors are able to get started within a few weeks of completing tutor training.

No. All textbooks and materials are in English, and you are teaching English language skills. The majority of adult learners served by us are native speakers of English.

In public locations, such as libraries, churches, community centers, schools, and business places.

Tutoring sessions may also occur online if the student and tutor choose to work online together and have technology.