Doing this class is like trying to hit a target on the wall with darts. You try to hit the target. You miss the bullseye. But you keep trying. It will pay off!

– Ms. G.


I’m so thrilled to hear that K enjoyed our time together. I am so excited to see his progress and so happy that I have my hand in helping. He is such a special young man.

Liz, Tutor

My life changed for the good since I’ve been to the Literacy Alliance. My math…my division…was a problem but now it’s not. I thank Mr. Ken for that.

Once your confidence builds up, you feel like you can do anything from that point on.

– Mr. W.

This class is like a family who learns together and supports each other. Sitting at a round table lends itself to a great learning experience, not only by the students, but the teacher as well.

Ken, Small Group Instructor

I have watched a parade of hopeful people come through my classroom and I have been awed by their courage and resiliency. They have gotten their driver’s licenses, jobs and promotions, found the confidence to leave abusive partners, read street signs and fortune cookies and medicine bottles and Bibles and business letters and textbooks and stories to children. All of this I have watched and my students have watched each other and we have all cheered.

Nancy, Small Group Instructor

Ms. B is a joy to work with. She calls me to tell me she is looking forward to our next meeting. She does not like to mess around and gets straight to work. She has some issues with consonant sounds and some different vowel pronunciations, but I am impressed with how solid of a reader she is and she can improve. I see it. She works hard. Also I feel so good doing this. I am glad I signed up.

Libbi, Tutor